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Opening on EWMC Executive Committee
Posted On: Apr 09, 2015

Opening on EWMC Executive Committee

  There have been some recent changes on the National Executive Committee. The Executive Committee received two resignations, one from Vice President Cheryl Thomas and one from at-large member Larry Greenhill Sr. We will miss them on the Executive Committee. Thank you Cheryl and Larry for your service to the EWMC as Executive Committee members. Please reach out to Cheryl and Larry thanking them for their service to the EWMC and the IBEW. We wish them good health and success in whatever their pursuits.

  These two resignations have made it necessary to make changes to the Executive Committee per the National Operating Bylaws [Art. VIII Sec. 4 - Executive Committee (F)].  The Executive Committee made the appointment of Grace Smith, former Secretary, to the position of Vice President. Upon the appointment of Sister Smith, the Executive Committee appointed Godfrey King, former at-large member, to the position of Secretary. This creates another vacancy in the at-large position on the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee received three applications for the at-large position created by Brother Greenhill. The Executive Committee unanimously appointed Sister Tonya Alston, IBEW LU 1245. Sister Smith and Brother King were appointed to their new positions unanimously as well. We welcome Sister Alston to the Executive Committee.

   Art. VII Sec. 10 of the National Operating Bylaws govern the selection process to fill the current at-large vacancy. The Executive Committee will hold the applications of the two applicants who previously applied for the at-large vacancy. All other applicants will have until May 06, 2015 to submit their applications. The Executive Committee will select a member to fill the vacancy on May 9, 2015. If you have any questions regarding this process contact the Executive Committee member in your IVP District or area. 

      The 2016 EWMC Leadership Conference is fast approaching. The 2016 conference will be hosted by Local 3 and Local 25 in New York City. As we know because of the great venue New York will be expensive. We are encouraging all chapters to step up their fundraising efforts. The major part of your budget will be the accommodations. By the end of this month we will have that information to share with you.

  On a safety note remember to always work smart by working safe. Make sure you return home the way you left.

   I want to close by thanking the Chapter Presidents for all of the good work they do on behalf of the EWMC.


                                                                       Keith Edwards, Pres. EWMC

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